Blackberry 9780- the black beauty!



The amazing blackberry 9780 is one of the most amazing smartphones in the whole planet! As its name speaks, it’s truly blackberry bold! The blackberry 9780 works on blackberry operating system 6. It’s because of this feature that makes it really easy to navigate around different files present in the phone and also organizes your filed in a much better manner.


 With its ultra smooth keypad, you can use the phone in a very easy manner. The crystal clear display screen and the five mega pixel camera will let you see the whole world in a much better way with really amazing clarity. When it comes to the design of the blackberry 9780, it’s really sleek yet the body of the blackberry 9780 is really strong. The beautiful dark chrome color gives a really classy look to the blackberry 9780. Looks definitely can’t be deceiving on this smartphone because it works out to be as good as it looks. The blackberry 9780 has many shortcut keys like the lock and unlock key, volume rocket etc. which will make it a lot easier to use.


Some of the key features that are present in the bold blackberry 9870 are the blackberry messenger keeping you close to all your friends, 3G to move about life really fast, Wi-fi connection, GPS and so many more amazing features! Even message application option is present in the blackberry 9780 because of which all the emails will be perfectly integrated. These are just a few features! Blackberry 9780 hosts a lot more…

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